High frequency electrosurgery Knife- ME MB1

Mô tả :

Model: ME MB1

Hãng sản xuất: KLS Martin

Xuất xứ: Đức

Chứng chỉ chất lượng: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13585:2012, CE

High patient safety thanks to the Patient Control System The integrated KLS Martin Patient Control System (PCS) ensures that no burns can be caused on the patient’s skin. The system automatically adjusts to given tissue impedances; it is also able to recognize single and twin-pad neutral electrodes. So if such a neutral electrode with dual contact surfaces has been connected, the system permanently monitors the proper application of the electrode. Whenever the electrode happens to be in insufficient contact with the patient’s skin, the user is alerted to this fact by means of an optical signal. The power is cut off.

Functional test

Whenever the unit is switched on, the KLS Martin ME MB 1 performs a self-test. If a fault is detected, no OK signal is emitted and HF power output is blocked immediately. This ensures that the KLS Martin ME MB 1 can be used only when it is in perfect working order and thus fully reliable. Any accessories connected are also checked for proper functioning during the self-test.

With Endo-Mode, you have everything under control

Endo-Mode. The time-controlled cutting mode of the ME MB 1 that you can switch on at any time. It offers a fractionated and therefore controlled cut for special applications, especially in endoscopy.

When dealing with pedicled tumors in endoscopic polypectomy or endoscopic papillotomy, you need a short intensive pulse (or peak) when starting the cut, due to the changing impedances during the thermal dissection phase. At the same time, the coagulation capability must be sufficient to guarantee proper hemostasis.

Connector for monopolar hand switches

The unit ME MB 1 incorporates a connector that allows connection of monopolar hand switches equipped with either a large KLS Martin coaxial connector or a US 3-pin connector. KLS Martin’s HF range of accessories provides an extensive selection of handles for various applications.

Progressive power control

In the lower range, the power can be adjusted with high precision thanks to the unit’s progressive (non-linear) output characteristic. This function is very helpful, for example, for stopping microvascular hemorrhages. In the upper range, the power can be adjusted on a linear basis. Due to its high power reserve, the unit is universally applicable.

Monopolar cutting and coagulation by means of the foot switch

In the case of the KLS Martin ME MB 1, these buttons allow cutting and coagulating by using only one foot switch.

Bipolar coagulating with foot switch The power range of the KLS Martin ME MB 1 is rounded off by the “Bipolar coagulation“ option. KLS Martin‘s reliable bipolar coagulation function combines utmost precision with maximum safety that is also guaranteed when coagulating large volumes.

Multifunction connector for bipolar instruments

Bipolar active electrode socket combined for the small coax-plug (KLS Martin standard) or international accessories.

With this coagulation technique, the HF current is applied to the tissue in a non-contact procedure using ionized argon gas. The advantages of this approach include: fast and effective coagulation of extended hemorrhages tissue-friendly procedure with little blood loss coagulation with little carbonization low coagulation depth fast wound healing