High frequency electrosurgery Knife- ME 102

Mô tả :

Model: ME 102

Hãng sản xuất: KLS Martin

Xuất xứ: Đức

Chứng chỉ chất lượng: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13585:2012, CE

The KLS Martin ME 102 is a 100-W class, universally applicable HF electrosurgical unit with excellent cutting and coagulation characteristics. It has been designed to satisfy the special demands of clinical and outpatient applications.

Features at a glance

■ Smooth or scabbed cut thanks to 100-W power generator

■ 80-W bipolar output power

■ Automatic power adaptation to different cutting speeds and tissue impedances

■ Contact coagulation for fast hemostasis

■ HF activation via manual switch or foot switch

■ High-precision dosage thanks to stepless output power regulation for any mode of operation

■ Easy and safe handling

■ Clear front panel layout

■ MICRO switch for high-precision and micro-surgery

■ Neutral-electrode (NE) monitoring

■ Bipolar „Auto-Coag-Start“ function

■ CF-type connection for utmost patient safety

■ Memory function

MICRO function

The MICRO function key of the KLS Martin ME 102 reduces output power to about one third. This allows high-precision power dosage by means of the 270-degree rotary switch. The MICRO function is available for all operating modes.

”Monopolar CUT“ function

The KLS Martin ME 102 provides two different cutting currents:

■ Monopolar cutting 1 for a smooth, scab-free cut

■ Monopolar cutting 2 for a smooth cut with some scab formation

High degree of patient safety thanks to neutral-electrode (NE) monitoring

The integrated KLS Martin NE monitoring system automatically recognizes whether a single or a splitneutral electrode is connected. In the latter case (using for instance KLS Martin Twin-Pad), the ME 102 ensures continuous NE monitoring. Whenever there is insufficient contact between the electrode and the patient, an optical and acoustical alarm signal is triggered and HF power output is blocked immediately

Individual power setting

The large, 270-degree rotary switch allows straightforward and easy-to reproduce output power setting.

Socket for monopolar handles or instruments

The ME 102 allows connection of monopolar handles and instruments fitted with either the KLS Martin coaxial connector or a US 3-pin connector. The KLS Martin range of accessories provides a com prehensive selection of instruments for different indications.

Bipolar „automatic start“ function

The KLS Martin ME 102 allows bipolar coagulation to be started automatically as soon as the two branches of the instrument get into contact with the tissue. Alternatively, the HF current may be activated via the foot switch.

Socket for the bipolar instrument

In many fields, bipolar coagulation is the method of choice. With its 80-W generator, the KLS Martin ME 102 is well suited to any bipolar application.