Operating light- marLED® V10/ V16

Mô tả :

Model: marLED® V10/ V16

Hãng sản xuất: KLS Martin

Xuất xứ: Đức

Chứng chỉ chất lượng: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13585:2012, CE

There are lots of LED operating lights available. None is like marLED® V10/V16: Latest-generation LED chips ensure unprecedented luminous efficacy with more than double the light output. This High Performance Lighting makes marLED® V10/V16 the best in their class.
However, marLED® V10/V16 do not just boast exceptionally high performance. They also feature convincing ergonomics. Smart visual appearance, efficiency in use – that's how marLED® V10/V16 convince not only surgeons and their OR staff but also the juries of renowned international design awards.

Mixes the light where it is created: at source
As a result, color shadows don't stand a chance – and contour shadows certainly don't: marLED® V10/V16 mix the light exactly where it is created – and not in the surgical field. So thanks to minimal heat build-up, maximum luminous efficacy, and adjustable color temperature the two operating lights provide you with optimal viewing comfort at all times, even when you're having to cope with the most difficult surgical requirements.

Adapts the light field to suit your needs: VariLUX
Every operation is unique. And that particularly applies to the surgical field and how it is illuminated. Oval or circular – that is what you as the surgeon decide for yourself. With VariLUX, marLED® V10/V16 provides you with unprecedented light field adaptation. Exactly as you require in the particular situation.

marLED® V10/V16 illuminate the surgical field at the color temperature that can help you distinguish different tissue types more easily. We call it adaptive color temperature – or simply: ACT. It is a crucial aid to doing the right thing at the right time.