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marLED® E series

The new definition of operating lights.

The marLED® series offers brilliant light based on state-of-the-art LED technology. Robust, solid and high performance: the marLED® E series is as individual as your operating theater. The light series meets the highest hygienic requirements and offers a convincing price-performance ratio. This pays dividends. For everyone who uses them. marLED® E – shows how efficient light can be.

Additional advantages include excellent color retention, a variable color temperature (3,600 / 4,300 / 4,600 K) similar to daylight, and very low operating costs due to the extremely long life of the latest-generation LEDs.

Latest LED lens technology with special microstructure for:

  • homogeneous light field
  • maximum shadow dilution
  • highest degree of brilliance and color rendition>RA99
  • efficient resource management minimizes environmental load.

marLED® E3

The marLED® E3 operating and examination light with an illuminance of 100.000 lux combines performance, efficiency and design. Owing to its innovative LED technology, it has always impressed with outstanding light output, excellent depth illumination and brilliant color rendering.

An unbeatable pair

The combination of the marLED® E3 with the marLED® E9i generates an efficient duo which brings together the advantages of a large operating light with the flexibility and versatility of a small light. This user-friendly combination therefore meets the highest lighting requirements for a wide range of specialist areas such as craniomaxillofacial surgery, oral surgery or neurosurgery.

marLED® E battery

It looks exactly like the marLED® E, it is just as powerful, but it provides light independently, irrespective of whether mobile or fixed in place – the marLED® E Battery. The batteries are integrated right into the light head and can be easily recharged in just a couple of hours.

As a result, the marLED® E Battery delivers brilliant light for up to 8 hours. Wherever it is used – in the wilderness, in humanitarian efforts, in developing regions, in crisis areas.

The marLED® E Battery series includes all variants of the customary marLED® E series and also offers a maximum output of 160,000 lx. Reliable independent power supply just couldn’t be more mobile.