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marLED® V series

The equipment of this light series guarantees the so far unique adaptation of the light field to the operating field. In fact, you can select either a circular or oval light field, depending on anatomical conditions or the operating technique used. 

Future-oriented technology and ergonomics

marLED® used the latest generation LED chips: smaller, more compact and efficient in terms of light yield, economical in power consumption. The marLED® lights have received internationally renowned design awards for their outstanding visual and housing design.


Small LEDs, big effect

What distinguishes marLED®, is the compact design with considerably smaller high performance LEDs. These ensure mixing of the light immediately in the light engines and not only at the operating field as is usual. Color shadowing and contour shadows are therefore no longer an issue.
And even better, the new generation of LEDs improves light yield and reduces heat development, which is already low to start with.
The color temperature can be adjusted variably to daylight or warm white artificial light. marLED® always offers smart minds the right light.

Easy light positioning via SensoGrip or SensoTouch

The main and satellite light can be positioned easily with the SensoGrip or operated directly via the SensoTouch.

The intuitive touchscreen panel fitted to the cardan joint of the light suspension gives you easy control of all the functions available.