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Founded on September 5, 2005 by Mr. Tran Viet Trang, HAMEDCO is one of the most prestigious suppliers of Medical materials and equipment in Vietnam.

Along with the rapid development of the field of supplying medical equipment, HAMEDCO was born, which has contributed an important part in maintaining and improving public health. This achievement is thanks to the investment, research, and cooperation with leading experts in the country and around the world with the vision of “Being a leading partner providing comprehensive and effective medical equipment“.

To fulfill our mission, the Board of Directors and human resources of HAMEDCO are always unanimous to build a professional, modern, inspirational environment based on the foundation of 3 core values: “Prestige – Responsibility – Effectiveness

Through these values, each individual HAMEDCO always strives to improve themselves, unite to create a strong collective that brings better values to partners, customers and the community.


Prestige is the top priority in the development of our company. We work, develop and survive based on one word – “Prestige”


Responsibility is essential for every company in all areas. Responsibility to customers, the community and to ourselves


If prestige is the top priority in the development of our company, the effectiveness is the key to our success in building the prestige


We have nearly 15 years of experience

Leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of providing medical equipment. We are proud to bring comprehensive solutions suitable for all hospital sizes, to meet the increasing requirements of customers and markets.


We have nearly 15 years of experience

A professional, modern, inspiring working environment, building HAMEDCO to become a united, fair, developed company and always oriented society.